Hi there, I’m Kristi…

I am SO glad you are here.

If you are wanting to learn how to garden, ferment and preserve food, raise small livestock, use herbs for medicine, raise the game on your natural well-being, or are a homesteader of any kind, urban or rural, this is the blog for you! These are the things I write about every week!

I started off an urban homesteader about 10 years ago, where I homesteaded our .18 of an acre. There, I grew food, raised chickens and rabbits, learned to can our garden bounty, and cook from scratch.

I now live on a small 1-acre hobby farm where I do all of the above, plus breed Nigerian Dwarf goats as part of our income. The plan is to make our homestead our business as we move into our retirement years.

My promise to you is that as you read my blog, you will learn from the ground up some very important components of homesteading. In short, you will become a HOMESTEADING HERO if you apply yourself!

I try my best to answer everyone who emails me, but sometimes life is just lifin’ and I can’t get into my inbox fast enough to deal with the piles of email I get. If you have a question, though, I will answer you asap so you can get back to whatever project you are working on!

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